Athleticism in Literature: Sports Novels

Since his breakthrough performance in the 2003 drama Monsoon Wedding, Randeep Hooda has been one of the most recognizable faces in Bollywood. His success in the film industry has enabled him to capitalize on his fame and secure various opportunities in other fields. In recent years, Hooda has made a foray into the business world, launching several successful ventures in the health and wellness space. He has invested in a sports and health nutrition brand called Real Protein, a wellness app called Revofit and a hydrogen-based health drink called Hydrogen
1. He has also launched an online platform for entrepreneurs called Project Fuel and a music streaming platform called Rooh. Hooda has also used his star power to promote charitable causes. He is a regular visitor to orphanages, hospitals, and animal rescue centers and has been an active supporter of PETA India since
2. He has also been actively involved in the environment conservation movement and is an ambassador for the Wildlife Trust of India. In addition to his business and charitable ventures, Hooda has used his acting skills to branch out into other mediums. He has lent his voice to numerous audio books, and in 2020, he launched a podcast series called “Let’s Talk With Randeep Hooda”. The series features conversations with prominent personalities from different walks of life. Randeep Hooda’s success in Bollywood has provided him with a platform to expand his horizons beyond the film industry. His entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic endeavors and creative projects demonstrate his ambition and versatility as a multi-faceted artist.