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Vimeo is an American company that specializes in high-definition video. It operates on a software-as-a-service model. This business model allows users to post videos to Vimeo and distribute them via a variety of media channels. Founded in 2006, Vimeo has grown to become a global video service provider.

Vimeo has many advanced features that make it easier for users to create and share content. For example, users apsession can choose a private link to share their videos with other users, change the player’s size, colors, and buttons, and more. Those who have upgraded to Vimeo Pro can also add a custom logo to their videos, and make their videos autoplay.

Like YouTube, Vimeo has a timechi community of users that is highly active. This community can help a new or established content creator build a fan base. If you’re not ready to pay for a Premium account, you can get a free Basic account. This account allows you to explore the features of the service, and you can build your audience as you grow.

Vimeo offers a free plan, but there are several different tiers. A basic account lets you upload 500MB per week and up to five gigabytes per month. It also comes with basic features such as analytics and embedding features. Plus, you can create up to three showcases and groups. Other premium plans have additional features such as collaboration and review tools.