New Grooveshark – One Page Website Award Winners

This article looks at Grooveshark, a music streaming service. It uses a “cloud network” to stream music from other people’s computers. As such, it is liable for copyright infringement by its employees. It is also lacking a feature that will make the service more unique and useful. What should it do next? Read on to learn about the winners and their business strategies worldnewsite news247 com .

Grooveshark is a music streaming service

Before the rise of streaming services, there was the web-based service Grooveshark. Owned by the Escape Media Group, it allowed users to upload digital audio files to be streamed and arranged into playlists. The website included a search engine, music streaming features, and a recommendation system. Despite its demise, many music enthusiasts continue to use the service newsstock.

The business model behind Grooveshark’s success is based on its unique feature of allowing users to upload protected songs for free. However, the business model led to legal issues, including a lawsuit from the Universal Music Group, which questioned the effectiveness of its system, and the music conglomerates Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music Publishing, and Warner. The settlement was ultimately resolved.

The founders of grooveshark said it would never charge users to access music on its site. They said it was an honor to have fans, and they did not want to charge for it. They argued that their site operated much like YouTube, where users uploaded songs without prompting, and that this could cause problems with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Although the service has faced legal issues, its service remains popular and has added an HTML5 site and music streaming apps for Android and iOS.

It is liable for copyright infringement by its employees

A US district court ruled last week that music-sharing service Grooveshark is liable in part for the copyright infringement of its employees. The company, a division of Escape Media, directed its employees to upload 5,977 songs and tracks without permission, infringing on exclusive performance rights. According to the lawsuit, chief technology officer Joshua Greenberg told employees to share the songs outside the company to draw more users’ newsbench.

In the suit, the record labels allege that Grooveshark employees uploaded 5,977 songs to a site owned by the record labels. The DMCA protects websites from direct infringement by third parties, but it doesn’t apply to interactive services bhojpuri. Grooveshark and Spotify were well aware that their employees were uploading music without permission, and they did not seek DMCA licenses.

It needs to add a new feature

To win the “One Page Website Award” for Music Website, Grooveshark should add a new feature. The current service lets you look up any artist and listen to their data. It also provides market research questions based on their streaming data. Those questions are useful to understand how music fans and artists use the service. By incorporating new features, Grooveshark will be able to attract more users thoptvnews.


Users can share their music with others using Grooveshark, which boasts an impressive catalog of more than 15 million songs. Users can browse other people’s recent activities and tag specific songs for sharing with others postinghub. Those who are social can also subscribe to playlists from friends or share them via e-mail. Users can also listen to Genre Radio Stations or create their own station by adding their Current Songs worldnewsite.